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Library: Help the University Library transcribe one of the 1,418 letters James Meredith received during his time at UM.



Help the library by transcribing one of the 1,418 letters James Meredith received during the integration process at Ole Miss.

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James Meredith received 1,418 letters during the integration process at the University of Mississippi, only a fraction of which have been transcribed. Your help is needed to get the rest of the letters transcribed.  Once complete, the transcriptions will be available on eGrove as part of the University of Mississippi Integration Collection. The transcriptions will also make the letters more accessible to visually impaired researchers who require machine readers and can be used for future digital scholarship research projects including sentiment analysis. 


If you would like to help, there are two options for participating in the James Meredith letters transcription project:


Option #1: Transcribe-a-Thon Drop-In Session

These are drop-in sessions, which means that you do not have to arrive at the start time and are free to leave once the transcription is complete.

All sessions will be held in Library Classroom 106D. The link will take you to the library events calendar which provides additional information. Registration is not required and the sessions are open to the public. Dates and times are as follows:


Option #2: Submit Your Transcription Online

In addition to these drop-in sessions, you may participate in the project by selecting a letter and submitting a transcription online. There is no limit on how many transcriptions one participant may submit. Follow these steps to submit a transcription online:

  1. Select a letter to transcribe from the spreadsheet:
  2. Review the submission instructions:
  3. Submit the transcription:


All questions should be directed to Adam Clemons ( or Abbie Norris-Davison ( of the University of Mississippi Libraries.


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For assistance related to a disability, contact Adam Clemons: |

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