Equal Pay Day Salary Negotiatation Workshop

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Date: 4/9/2013

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM (CST)

Location: Oxford Campus, Center for Manufacturing Excellence (The CME is between Brevard & Carrier Halls, take stairs down to rm 108)

InvitationInvitation: This workshop will discuss techniques for negotiating a salary when a job offer is made. Snacks will be provided! No registration!

Open to the Public

Full details:

Negotiating when receiving a job offer is an essential skill. Recent studies indicate that persistent pay inequity results from the unwillingness of women in particular to negotiate effectively for themselves. This workshop will discuss the proven techniques for negotiating a salary when a job offer is made and offer students the opportunity to practice skills, to ask questions, and provides further resources.
Workshop leader: Dr. Amy E. Mark, University Libraries.

Co-Sponsored by:
The Career Center
The Commission on the Status of Women
The Graduate School
The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies
The School of Business
Multicultural Affairs/Office of the Dean of Students


For assistance related to a disability, contact: Amy E. Mark

Event posted by: aemark@olemiss.edu