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HOW Does Music Mean: Songs in times of War

Invitation: Musicologist Dr. Edward Hafer explores the process of cultivating musical meaning, and why this process is critical in non-musical contexts.

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Music has long been understood to have the ability to stir the passions, to move listeners to feelings of great joy, sadness or anger.  In times of war, it can be an instrument of propaganda or an instrument of peace and comfort.  But can the same work be both simultaneously?  What gives music its meaning? How does our engagement with the artwork shape our perceptions of it? Can reasonable people come to diametrically opposite conclusions?

By examining selected songs -- both in and out of context -- we can begin to appreciate how music can be used to captivate its audiences, often with remarkably different results.  In this talk, musicologist Edward Hafer explores the process of cultivating musical meaning, and why the process is crticially important in non-musical contexts.

Dr. Hafer's lecture is presented by the UM Department of Music Colloquium Series.  Admission is free, and all are welcome. 

Eligible for Music 100 credit.

For assistance related to a disability, contact Lynn A. Wilkins: | 6629152036

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Sponsored by: UM Department of Music