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Constitution Day Lecture

Lectures: In honor of Constitution Day, Dr. Daniel Cullen (Rhodes College) will be delivering a lecture, 'The People and the Constitution.'

9:00 AM - 9:50 AM Sep. 18, 2020
Zoom Lecture
Open to the public
Registration Required
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Constitution Day Lecture

"The People and the Constitution"

Dr. Daniel Cullen (Political Science, Rhodes College)

September 18, 2020

9:00-9:50am Zoom Lecture

What do we celebrate on Constitution Day, and Why do we Celebrate it?  The Preamble to the Constitution describes it as the action and choice of “We the People.”  And yet, the authoritative commentary on the Constitution (The Federalist) describes the distinctive character of American government as the total exclusion of the people in their collective capacity from any share in it. This paradox brings to light a question that perhaps occupies the mind of America’s neighbors more than Americans themselves: Who do the American people think they are? It also raises an important question about modern republican or democratic political theory, a question that is lost when we focus exclusively on another: Is the Constitution democratic?

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Sponsored by: Jack Miller Center for Teaching America's Founding Principles and History