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The Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy operate on both the Oxford and Jackson campuses. The Schools of Dentistry, Health Related Professionals and Medicine, and the Health Sciences Graduate School, are based in Jackson only. (Additional healthcare programs are available through the School of Applied Sciences on the Oxford campus.) Other than these exceptions, the schools above are on the Oxford campus.


Astronomy open house in Kennon Observatory

Astronomy Open House: Astronomy open house in Kennon Observatory Mar. 26, Sunday, 7:30-8:30 pm. Moon, Castor. Free, families welcome. Astronomy 'Art Contest'.


We are offering a viewing of the sky with out telescopes in Kennon Observatory on Mar. 26, Sunday night, 7:30-8:30 pm.

The Moon is always great. We can also watch the double star Castor. Mars, Venus are bright in the sky but small in the telescope.

The event is free, families are welcome.

We’ll also have an ‘astronomy-themed art contest’ at 7:30 pm (rain or shine) - see the attached poster or get more info at:


(Artwork submission deadline is March 26, 7:00 pm.)

Viewing is not possible when the sky is cloudy - if that happens we’ll have to cancel and ask everyone to come back in exact 4 weeks for another try.

For assistance related to a disability, contact Tibor Torma: | 9155627

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