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Sacred Harmony: Navigating Faith and Identity

Arts and Culture: Karmen Michael Smith gives a guest lecture on how our values shape our communities.


The Center for Inclusion and Cross Cultural Engagement, the Isom Center, and Queer People of Color (QPOC) are pleased to welcome Karmen Michael Smith to campus on Tuesday, March 5. Please join us for his lecture "Sacred Harmony: Navigating Faith and Identity" at 12:15pm in the Student Union Auditorium, 124.



Rev. Karmen Michael Smith was born and raised in small-town Texas. Karmen is a Black queer theologian, cultural critic, author, and Lizzie Mae’s grandson. Karmen is the founder and pastor at Poor Culture, an inclusive and affirming Black church experience. 

A catalyst for personal and social transformation, Karmen’s experiences have shaped his unique perspective on the intersection of identity, faith, and social justice. 

Growing up as a member of the LGBTQ+ and Faith communities, Karmen navigated the challenging terrain of reconciling his authentic self with his spiritual beliefs. This journey, marked by resilience and a deep commitment to personal growth, ignited Karmen’s calling to empower others to embrace their true identities and challenge the status quo. Advocating for LGBTQ+ and Black Voices Karmen's advocacy extends beyond the LGBTQ+ community; he is also dedicated to amplifying the voices and experiences of Black and Brown individuals and communities. 

Recognizing the historical marginalization and discrimination faced by Black LGBTQ+ individuals, he tirelessly works to dismantle the barriers that hinder their acceptance and full inclusion within the Church and the world. Karmen’s mission is to create a space where the beauty, strength, and resilience of the Black and LGBTQ+ community are celebrated and embraced. An accomplished voice for change, Rev. Karmen Michael Smith's extensive experience as a speaker, advocate, and author has garnered recognition and respect within the LGBTQ+, faith communities, and beyond. Through his powerful message, he has touched the hearts and minds of countless individuals, challenging societal norms and inspiring change. Karmen’s work continues to uplift and empower others to embrace their true selves, advocate for justice, and shape a more inclusive world. 

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